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Naturally Yours Peach Cranberry 4oz


Naturally Yours Peach Cranberry 4oz

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  • Brand: Nature Lovin' Brands
  • Type: Water Based Lube
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Naturally Yours - Peach Cranberry Natural Lubricant

This delicious, mildly flavored peach cranberry premium personal lubricant from our Naturally Yours line, has the gentle aroma of fresh cranberries and sweet jucy peaches, and is 100% naturally flavored.

• Formulated For Daily Use Natural and Slick
• Natural and Slick
• pH Perfected For a Woman's Needs
• 100% Food Grade Ingredients

• NO Glycerin, Paraben, or DEA
• No Petroleum or Silicones
• Vegan

• Patent Pending
• Proudly Made In The USA

Naturally Yours™ is a premium natural carrageenan based lubricant that combines only the best ingredients available. Naturally Yours™ does not contain silicone, parabens, or any other harsh chemicals. Naturally Yours™ is pH perfected for a woman's needs and is gentle, silky soft, non-irritating, and provides continual moisture. Naturally Yours™ can be used as often as needed and is absolutely one of the cleanest lubricants available.

Naturally Yours™ is a water based lubricant designed to never be sticky, tacky, or leave a residue on your skin. Truly natures best alternative when a lubricant is needed and even when it’s not! Just use it for the incredible soothing pleasure it provides.