How to clean your toys

You might think you can just dunk your sex toys in soap and water and be done with it. Please don’t do that, unless it is 100% non-porous (like glass or metal).  Instead, the first step in cleaning a sex toy is figuring out what material the toy is made of. You can divide most sex toys into two broad categories: porous materials and nonporous materials.

If the material is porous, it has tiny holes (like pores) that can harbor bacteria and fungi. What materials is it made from? Body-safe is best, which can mean anything from medical-grade, body-safe silicone, glass, stainless steel, etc.

Non-pourous material: Use a mild soap, free of harsh ingredients. Make sure whatever soap you are using is fragrance-free, as fragrances can irritate the vagina and the pH balance of your vulva. Toy cleaners or uv lights are a great option as well.

Porous material: You can try cleaning it with some mild soap and water, but that might not get it completely clean. If you’re using this kind of toy with a partner, we’d recommend trying it with a condom to make sure no bacteria or STIs are transferred. Many toy cleaners you can buy are body-safe and anti-bacterial to really help sanitize your toy.  UV lights are an option for these as well.

Splashproof material:  Be careful about putting a non-waterproof toy (especially one that vibrates or is motorized) right into water. Just use a washcloth with a mild soap and a little bit of water, and then dry it with a paper towel.

Clean your toys when you first purchase them, before you use them.  Always dry your toys off completely, even if you are only using them on your self — especially if the toy is made of silicone or isn’t waterproof, as the water can hurt the material.   

Storage: You can store your toys in a designated toy bag to make sure they’re not in a place where they could get bacteria on them. If you don’t want to go to this length, just make sure it’s tucked away in a box or bag of some sort. You don’t want your sex toys just rolling around your bedside drawer, as this can cause it to collect dust, lint, or other things rolling around in there. You don’t want to have to clean a toy before you use it — what a mood killer.