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Voodoo Plug Walk - Large *


Voodoo Plug Walk - Large *

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  • SKU: VS-0990
  • Brand: Shibari & Voodo dba Thank Me Now Inc
  • Type: Anal
  • Availability: In Stock
Here for stimulation, the Plug Walk anal plug the perfect toy for play and pleasure.

Each size is designed to fit your personal preference and tapered for easy insertion. Lightweight and made of high quality alloy & acrylic delivering a luxurious experience for the wearer. Wear your plug with your lover for an intimate night in or for longer if you're going out first and feeling adventurous.
Ideal for temperature play when prepared in warm or cold temperature and conveniently suitable for all lubricants.

Large: 3.5” length
Highest Quality Alloy & Acrylic
Completely Waterproof
1 Year Warranty