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Sinful Nylon Rope 25' - Pink


Sinful Nylon Rope 25' - Pink

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  • SKU: NSN1238-14
  • Brand: NS Novelties
  • Type: Bondage
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Sinful Nylon Rope is 25-feet of solid-braided sensual bondage rope. Soft and durable with maximum flex, it’s perfect for rope bondage newbies and experts alike.

Offering a full 25 feet of soft, skin-friendly nylon rope to play with, Sinful's Bondage Rope presents a breathtaking array of trussed-up possibilities, from simple wrist entrapment to more elaborate hog-tie scenarios and full-body binding.

Unravel the supple bundle to reveal all the naughty potential- knot aficionados will adore the sturdy texture, while submissive playmates will revel in the soft, comfortable security. This Rope is a perfect choice for beginners to bondage play as well as for more knowledgeable connoisseurs, the extra long length and hundreds of potential uses are absolutely enthralling.