Men Classic - Silver


Men Classic - Silver

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  • SKU: SA-J80017-1
  • Brand: Satisfyer/E.I.S.
  • Type: Strokers
  • Availability: In Stock
When we - and probably you - think of Satisfyer, the first thing that comes (pun 100% intended) to mind is likely a genius collection of suction stimulators for clitoris-owners. But did you know that Satisfyer has been hard (pun also intended) at work designing a line of toys for all you proud possessors of a penis? It's true, and the Men Classic is a brand new piece from that very line. Like we always say, everyone deserves a Satisfyer to call their own!

Neatly tucked into some sturdy black casing, the streamlined Classic is completely self-contained, just as perfect for stroking in bed as it is for taking on a randy road trip. Once the cap of the Satisfyer Men Classic is on tight, this stroker is ready for travel. Unless someone happens to look super closely (or has a Classic, themselves!), the discreet design won't blow your cover.

Now, the Classic wasn't necessarily designed to replace your hand (as if anything could!), but rather, to put a totally unique masturbation or foreplay option into your/your partner's hand. Pop the top to reveal a non-detailed entry in super soft TPR. You won't be able to see the unique texture inside, but you'll definitely be able to feel it as you slide on in.

The Men Classic's unique inner pressure regular takes the shape of a simple valve at the base of a slender, easy-grip handle. Keep it in the fully closed position to let inner suction build and build, or open it up to feel a looser stroke with less friction.

In soft, body safe lifelike TPR, the Satisfyer Men Classic's inner sleeve pops easily out of the casing for thorough cleaning. Rinse it under some warm soapy water or use a favourite toy care fluid / foam after playtime. Please be sure to let the sleeve dry thoroughly before storage. If your Satisfyer Men Classic sleeve feels a little tacky, just dust it with a little pure cornstarch powder(do not use baby powder or talc) to restore all the softness you're craving. Compatible with any favourite water based lube.