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Koala - Mojito 5.6oz


Koala - Mojito 5.6oz

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  • Brand: Nature Lovin' Brands
  • Type: Flavored Lubes
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Mojito: Nicely flavored with a minty lime tang and a kiss of rum. Try being the tortoise and not the hare. Slow and steady will win this race. Bring the taste of the islands home tonight.

Koala Aromatic Flavored Lubricants make your foreplay a flavorable bounty! With Koala Aromatic Flavored Lubricants "Going Down Under Never Tasted So Good!"

All Nature Lovin' Lubricants are made with the finest premium ingredients available. Koala Aromatic Flavored Lubricants work with the body to enhance the glide and reduce friction during sex and make lovin' a delicious experience. Koala Bear Lubricants are a uniquely flavored, water-based lubricant that easily washes away.

• Aromatic Scents & Layered Flavors
• Water-based/ Easily washes away
• pH Balanced

• 100% Food Grade Ingredients
• Glycerin & Paraben Free
• No Residue, Non Staining
• Proudly Made In The USA

Our Nature Lovin' Koala Bear Lubricants are formulated with three key ingredients, Carrageenan, L-lysine and Royal Jelly. Royal jelly has been used for centuries, dating all the way back to Cleopatra and is packed with essential proteins, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids. Nature Lovin' Lubricants only use the finest premium ingredients available.