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I Can Smoke Weed Out of That Color' Book


I Can Smoke Weed Out of That Color' Book

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  • SKU: WR-CB-008
  • Brand: Wood Rocket LLC
  • Type: Candy/Games/Novelt
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This blunt-tastic coloring book will show you things that you can smoke out of. From joints to bongs to gravity bongs to apples to bubblers to hotboxes to zero-gravity bongs, you will love celebrating 420 with this book. And don't forget your green crayon!

If you are looking for an Adult coloring book as a gift or for yourself or 4:20 or a post-dinner activity with your cool AF grandma, I Can Smoke Weed Out of That is the adult coloring book for you. It's fun! It's entertaining! It's by Wood Rocket.

*24 high-quality & weedtastic pages
*Great for gifts, parties, or Widespread Panic concerts
*Perfect for crayons, colored pencils, or markers
*Printed on 80# stock with glossy cover
*Made in Party Town, USA
ISBN 978-0-9980418-6-5