Anal Douche - Red


Anal Douche - Red

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  • SKU: SE-0379-11-3
  • Brand: Calexotics
  • Type: Douche/Enema
  • Availability: In Stock
Keep yourself clean and fresh with the Anal Douche™ by CalExotics®. This is an easy to disassemble, multi-part anal douche, meaning you stay sanitary, and so does your new adult toy. With its easy-clean parts, this cleaning system allows you to enjoy sexy anal play without worry.

The douche features a soft, pliable bulb, and with its smooth, tapered attachment, you can enjoy exhilarating pleasure any time you wish. It comes complete with two parts – applicable bulb, and a glow-in-the-dark applicator. The applicator is made from durable ABS plastic, and the refillable bulb is made of rubber. Both materials make this system easy to use and clean. There usable douche is long lasting and pliable, allowing for a douching experience you’ll thoroughly enjoy.

No longer will an accident interrupt your fun. Anal sex is best when it’s clean, and with our cleaning system you will be ready for anything. This body-safe, hygienically superior cleaning system can’t be beat. The Anal Douche™ will make any anal adventure and douche play easier and more exciting. It’s a truly comprehensive cleansing system that’s built for both simplicity and pleasure.