2.25" Stainless Steel Erection Enhancer*


2.25" Stainless Steel Erection Enhancer*

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  • SKU: XRLE355-XL
  • Brand: XR LLC
  • Type: Cock & Balls
  • Availability: In Stock
Surge up your Erection with the Sarge Erection Enhancer Ring! Constructed with weighty stainless steel for a hard, heavy feel at the base of your cock and balls. The Sarge is designed to restrict bloodflow to increase your erection duration, sensitivity, and hardness while providing a hard and smooth texture for you and your lover to enjoy rubbing against during intercourse.

Feel the weighty steel on your skin and enjoy the more hardcore appearance of your package! This shining metal cock ring is at home in the bedroom as well as the dungeon.

The nickel-free stainless steel is easy on those with sensitive skin, and is easy to clean before or after use. Run this heavy metal cock ring under warm or cold water to change its temperature, adding another layer of sensation to your erection enhancement.

Measurements: 2.25 inch inner diameter, 6.7 ounce weight



Key Features:
Enhance Your Erection: Slip this ring around your cock and balls, resting on the base of your package to restrict bloodflow, increasing erection duration and sensitivity for a more intense session
Heavy Metal: Made with stainless steel for a smooth, weighty feel on your package; the hard and smooth texture provides some extra sensation for your partner as well
Hygienic and Body Safe: The stainless steel is nickel-free for those with sensitive skin and is easy to clean with warm water and mild soap for a fresh feel
Temperature Sensitive: Run under warm or cold water to add an extra layer of sensation to your cock ring fun